Savannah Thorne

 Manuscript Editor 


With Jenny Milchman,

author of As Night Falls

With Peter S. Beagle,

author of The Last Unicorn

With David Wroblewski,

author of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle


"She has a keen red pen, and a sharp eye for the unnecessary."-William Bernhardt, best-selling author

"I have received wonderful, exciting attention from New York literary agents since incorporating these edits!"- Children's author Isaiah Basye

"I've learned so much that I am now able to help other aspiring authors." -Jeremy Cunkle, writing as J.B. Everhart

"The edits have made a huge impact--all the difference. Thank you." - Susy Smith

"An enormous talent. I am excited!" -C.J. Cherryh

"My only regret is that I did not find you sooner in the process." - Ed Fanning 


Proofreading to correct typos, punctuation, and grammar

Line editing to improve flow, clarity, and sentence structure

Critical consultation on how to strengthen your manuscript

Developmental editing to enhance plot structure

Rewriting suggestions to fill in gaps or improve sentences

Comprehensive publishing services such as query letters, synopses, and marketing materials to solicit major agents and publishers

 How Long Will the Edit Take?

I work every day of the week, so a full-length manuscript may return to you within a few days! I pride myself on a fast response time, but your results will vary based on the amount of work needed on your manuscript.

 Why Hire an Editor?

Even published authors make mistakes. Everyone needs a trusted "beta reader." Whether grammar trips you up, or you find it difficult to know when to show and when to tell, an author can be so deeply emotionally involved in the work that every word feels familiar. Fresh eyes always help. I specialize in strengthening plot framework, clarifying character, beautifying language,  and transforming manuscripts to professional-quality products. And as an author myself, I love to give fast results that offer encouragement as well as constructive corrections. In other words, I will tell you where your manuscript DOES work, as well as where it does not. And I work with full respect for you as the creator of your own work.


Savannah Thorne received her B.A. from the University of Iowa, where she spent every semester but one in the Writers' Workshop, studying under poetry's greatest voices. She also holds two cum laude Master Degrees. Her poetry and short stories have appeared in over thirty literary journals, including Potpourri, The Potomac Review, Border Crossing, Rhino, Parabola, Little Patuxent Review, The Atlanta Review, and Yemassee. She placed as Honorable Mention in the Missouri Review's Editor's Prize, and had repeatedly been a finalist for the Casey Shay Poet's Prize. She won "poem of the Year" from The Iowa RagHer articles have appeared in several journals, most notably The Review Review and The Open Salon. She served for eight delightful years as Conclave: A Journal of Character's editor-in-chiefShe has graduated from several writing Master Classes, and taught one Master Class and hosted one editor's panel at Rose State University in Oklahoma. Her historical-literary-mysteries are represented by an amazing advocate at The Linda Chester Literary AgencyAfter a decade of interacting with top agents and publishers and managing an independent online publishing house, she has decided to bring her talents and aptitude to help other authors achieve their dreams! Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

 What Should I Expect?

A firm but encouraging hand through every part of the process where you need assistance. Here is a sample image of what your file may be returned to you looking like. Don't let the red lines scare you! This is what STRENGTHENS a manuscript into publishable shape. 

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    $2 per manuscript page.

    Guaranteed the lowest price for full professional editing services.

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