Complex, lyrical, and intelligent, Savannah Thorne's novels are thrillers, romances, historical sagas, all imbued with a strong sense of outsiderness, Drawing from folklore, poetry, myth, and postmodern and feminist philosophy, her take on the human condition is both bleak and tender.


Patient X

Hannibal Lecter meets Amy Dunne in PATIENT X, a women’s suspense novel in the tradition of The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides and When Darkness Calls by Mark Griffin. 


When Chicago therapist Hannah Weiss is attacked by a patient at the mental hospital where she works, she’s saved by an unlikely hero, “local celebrity” Zander Grayson, dubbed Patient Z. At the hospital director’s urging, Hannah becomes Z’ s therapist in the hope that she can succeed where other therapists have not, and unlock the truth behind Z’s conviction of involuntary manslaughter before he’s transferred to prison.


As she tracks down witnesses, she discovers that the director believes  Z is responsible for the death of his son—and the director is out for revenge. She believes that Z is innocent—and the director’s son is, in fact, alive. But before she can prove it, the director imprisons her in the hospital. Now she has become the patient desperate to escape.

The Blood Almanack

The Secret Life of Ben Franklin

Benjamin Franklin’s brilliance is world-famous. But how far would he go in his thirst for knowledge? There is a dark side to the unknown years in a classic American story. 

In the secret caverns of Lord Dashwood’s infamous “Hell Fire Club” in West Wycliffe, England, young Ben joins the Lord in alchemical experiments and occult hedonism. The last thing he expects is to fall for Dashwood's sister Rachel. Ben becomes embroiled in cover-ups of missing and murdered persons cases as Lord Dashwood's passionate drive for knowledge and Rachel's growing terror of her brother tear Ben’s loyalties in two. Will love or ambition win out? 

Caligula's Sister

A Princess of Rome Book I

Drusilla’s family disappears, one by one, during the reign of the corrupt Emperor Tiberius. Strong-minded and passionate, she resolves to protect the only man she's ever truly loved—her brother, rightful heir of the empire. When Drusilla and her few remaining family members are summoned to live with the emperor, she unearths mind-bending horrors. She must risk her freedom and even her life to claim her brother's birthright.