The Blood Almanack

The Secret Life of Ben Franklin

There are celebrated persons in history about whom we think we know everything. But there is a dark side to the unknown years in a classic American story. 

Benjamin Franklin’s brilliance is world-famous. But how far would he go to gain knowledge? 

In the secret caverns of Lord Dashwood’s infamous “Hell Fire Club” in West Wycliffe, England, young Ben Franklin joins the Lord in alchemical experiments, hedonistic lifestyle, and occult initiations. The last thing Ben expects is to fall in love with the lord’s sister, Rachel. But Lord Dashwood will stop at nothing to further his aims. Ben becomes embroiled in cover-ups as a London constable closes in on missing and murdered persons cases. Lord Dashwood's passionate drive for knowledge and Rachel's growing terror of her brother tear Ben’s loyalties in two. Will love or ambition win out? 

Caligula's Sister

A Princess of Rome Book I

Rome, 32 C.E.  Drusilla’s family disappears, one by one, during the reign of the corrupt Emperor Tiberius. Strong-minded and passionate, she resolves to protect the only man she's ever truly loved—her brother, rightful heir to the crown. 

When Drusilla and her remaining family are summoned to live with the emperor, she unearths mind-bending horrors. She risks all to claim her brother's birthright--her freedom, and even her life.

Den of Monsters

Girl, Interrupted meets Gone Girl in this tense psychological thriller. 


Psychiatrist Hannah Gisse takes a new job at a prestigious mental institution. Among her patients, one seems atypical. Patient Z, supposedly violent and deranged, seems quite lucid, even charming. The hospital director also shows a great deal of interest in the patient--to the point of obsession.


Hannah finds the director pushing her toward Z, a job she hardly finds a chore, but the mysteries of this place and the relationship between these two gnaw at her. Upon investigation, she discovers that the director had helped convince a judge to commit this patient to his care. The director is systematically attempting to shatter what is left of Z's sanity. But why?

Trapped in the middle of this power-play, Hannah must make a choice to either save herself as she uncovers the reason for the director's strange fixation, or to risk everything she has worked for. 


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