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Complex, lyrical, and savagely intelligent, Savannah Thorne's novels are thrillers, romances, and historical sagas, all imbued with a strong sense of outsiderness. Drawing from folklore, poetry, myth, and postmodern and feminist philosophy, her take on the human condition is both bleak and tender.

Keyboard and Mouse
The Blood Almanack:
The Secret Life of Ben Franklin
Benjamin Franklin’s brilliance is world-famous. But how far would he go in his thirst for knowledge? There might just be a dark side to the unknown years in a classic American story. 
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Caligula's Sister: 
A Princess of Rome Book I
Summoned to Capri by the murderous Emperor Tiberius, Drusilla risks her life to claim her family's birthright.
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Glass House

A newly hired therapist is held captive in the mental hospital where she works when the manipulative director suspects that she is getting too close to the dark secrets of his past.
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